INFRACYTE™ Transformation Program Visibly Improves Skin

It was at my cosmetic surgeon’s that I first came across the Infracyte skincare range. For months, I had been working till wee hours of the morning, rushing out an urgent campaign for a client. And for that, my skin suffered. Never had I experienced such bad break-outs. This time around, pimples and whiteheads sprouted in abundance on my chin and forehead apart from the cheeks. Disaster! Even doc had a shock when he saw my condition. There and then, he recommended the INFRACYTE™ Transformation Program.

I was given the following:
Cyto Clean
Cleansing. The first step in preparing the skin for better penetration of the following treatment products in the INFRACYTE program. Contains a blend of herbal extracts, aloe vera and other mild cleansing agents to clear blocked pores. This is a very mild liquid cleanser that smells pleasant.

Cyto Balance
This is the toner. It works together with Cyto Clean to refresh, tone and hydrate the skin, while restoring the skin’s normal pH balance.

Cyto Lumin
Cream formulation. Lightens dark spots and evens out skin tones. Reduces pigmentation such as freckles, age and liver spots as well as other pigment-related problems. This is excellent! You can actually see visible results after a week’s application.

Cyto Smooth
Is a specially formulated lotion with Alpha Hydroxy Acids. Smoothen and tones rough or damaged skin.

Cyto Repair
Aah, this is the most important step, according to doc. It is to be used with Retin-A (I was given Stieva-A), which you have to buy separately as it’s not part of the Infracyte skincare range. The combination of Cyto Repair and Retin-A helps reduce blemishes, fine lines and wrinkles. The only thing I didn’t like about this is that the combination of the two smells unpleasant.

Multivitamin Sun Defense SPF 15
A sunblock containing antioxidants, vitamin C & E. I was prescribed this, but in addition to this, INFRACYTE offers 2 other types of sunblock – the Tinted Sun Defense SPF 3 & the Oil Free Sun Defense SPF 40

The result:
A brief 4 weeks later, all blemishes and acne cleared! I was amazed and definitely impressed. The best part about it is that though I originally bought the INFRACYTE range to help clear my blemishes, the product evened out my skin tone. Skin was smoother than before. This is an outstanding product range which I would highly-recommend!

The only set-back is its price. However, pay the price or suffer from the blemishes…. it’s your choice!

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