Lashes for days !! My experience with lash extensions .

me weaing my false eyelash extensions from lash out lounge


As a self professed strip lash lover I have never seen the need for the very expensive version of lash extensions. After many years of avoiding it I finally took the plunge and got it done!! Now naturally I am blessed with pretty long lashes (thanks dad) but its always volume I am after. I went to a cute little place called Lash Out Lounge in Oakville and I cannot say enough about them. I got a full set glamour lashes (which means a lot of lashes) and I could not be happier with the results. Some of the cons are it takes over an hour to apply (which for me is hard I can’t sit still) and you can’t get them wet for over 24 hours so I would advise you take a shower before hand. I have now had them on for over 4 weeks and they still look great. you then have to go back every 2-3 weeks to get what they call a re lash because as your lashes grow out and fall off you will need to get them done. Lash out Lounge offers three types of lash packages: Shy Which is great for a very subtle natural look ($90), Confident which is more of a bolder natural look ($120) and lastly Glamorous Which gives you unlimited amount of lashes for a bold Kim k style look ($200). I can honestly say I love these lashes it takes so much time off my getting ready in the morning. I would strongly recommend this for all my glam girls out there or if you have a wedding or holiday coming up they are a must! you really feel confident just grabbing some lipstick and going in the morning … no more mascara struggles or lash lifting problems for me!!!

I would like to say thanks to Morsal and Yalda for giving me such amazing lashes and a great experience go check them out They also offer micro blading and many other services

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    Your blog is amazing and has given me insight as to what products are worth buying. Honest reviews are hard to come by. I also love how you do your makeup! Great job, you have gained a subscriber!

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