The good ,the bad and the dirty ! 5 reasons to clean those brushes

As a makeup professional one thing i hear over and over is that no one shows people proper brush care . brushes are our tools that give us those flawless faces we all desire but they are often forgotten and misused . here is 5 reasons you absolutely must clean your brushes very frequently.

tweezerman brow brush with real techniques gel cleanser and a rose gold my makeup brush set powder brush




  1. Your pores will get clogged up.

While it is a great thing you are not using your hands and spreading that bacteria , having dirty makeup brushes could still be resulting in breakouts.If you are having breakouts and you have eliminated everything else your makeup brushes could be the culprit.

2. Your makeup will NOT apply correctly.

We use makeup brushes to achieve that “flawless” look but if your makeup brushes are all clogged up with  yesterdays makeup or last weeks (eek!)how can you expect flawless coverage with dry crusty makeup in your brushes.

3. You are wasting money!.

Well cared for brushes last far longer, No one wants to spend hundreds of dollars buying new brushes all the time , not to mention having to throw products out that you have contaminated by putting dirty bacteria filled brushes directly into your cosmetics.


4. You are giving yourself more wrinkles.

Yes you read that right your dirty brushes can cause you more wrinkles due to your skin being exposed to oxidative stress from free radicals that cause the collagen in your skin to break down over time resulting in some premature aging signs.


5.  You could be irritating your skin.

When all the gross old makeup and bacteria builds up in your brushes you can change a soft brush into a stiff one that can really lead to irritated skin. The more irritated our skin is the more makeup we wear to try and hide it leading to a very vicious cycle.



So clean those babies today !!!

xoxo Mandi

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