Colour Correction Decoded

Colour correction:  The low down on one of the HOTTEST trends on social media that artists have been doing for years !

I know you are hearing all about this hot new trend that people are using colour correctors but it seems to be a common question that I get is that people don’t generally know which ones to use for their problem areas and complexion. Don’t worry we will get through this together.

Lets start by breaking it down, a lot of what you need to know about colour correctors comes from that lesson we learned in primary school about the colour wheel. Just a simple example is if you look at the colour wheel for red you will see green is its opposite and complimentary Colour. It would be fair to assume that green would counteract red right? The Answer is yes so if you want to cover a pimple or rash or just redness in general green is the colour you need to correct this.


Nyx full Coverage concealer in orange


Despite the crazy clown like appearance you really can blend these colours very “flawlessly” into the skin. Also we will be putting our foundation and concealers on top so don’t stress I’m not going to have you walking around looking like an alien or anything. Now even once you have understood the concept of the colours you still have creams, liquids ect.Personally I use creams for small target areas such as pimples or the under eye area and liquid for larger areas say covering rosacea.

Nyx full coverage in orange


Below is a  list some common colour correctors and their uses:

1 Green : Redness from rosacea , acne and skin irritations. This shade really works well for those darker red tones that seem to show up through just about everything else. This shade also works best with fair to medium skin tones , warmer skin tones will have maximum benefit here. Make sure  the green you buy is sheer to make this colour subtle and not cakey .

2 Orange/red : This is best for really dark circles and the best skin tones for this one are medium to dark skin tones . The darker your skin colour and dark circles the more into red you should go. This Really helps with bluish and purple tones.

3 Yellow: This is a favourite colour to many because of its versatility but I find it good for subtle redness and in the nose area . This is best on fair to medium skin tone also this works great on lighter skin for evening the skin tone and helps cover the purplish dark spots also works for dark circles.

4 Purple/Lilac : Works similarly to pink but works best on light to tan complexions . Really helps revive sallowness. Purple is more heavy duty than the pink so try starting with the t zone.

5  Pink : This really helps tired skin come back to life! Ideal for fair – medium skin tones with yellow undertones. ( I love using pink in the winter to give my skin a healthy looking glow … Fake it till you make it !)

6 Peach : Another great one for For Dark circles that are grey or blueish (cool toned) this shade is great for adding glow in my experience as well.

E.L.F cosmetics powder palette

If you are having trouble seeing where the darkest parts of your under eye area is (its best to start there and blend upwards) try looking in the mirror then tilt your chin to you chest and look up at the mirror keeping your head in that position, this will help you see where you trouble spots are!


From top left with no makeup to colour correction , foundation and concealer application and final product . I used a pro beauty blender ( the black one ) to blend this out .


I hope this helps you to decode the wonder that is colour correction. These can be your best friends or worst enemy if you are using the wrong one.

Now my favourite brands so far are Urban Decay Naked colour correcting fluid $35CDN at sephora, YSL Touche Eclat $50cdn Sephora , Becca Backlight target colour corrector $34CDN sephora  andBobbi Brown Corrector $34CDN Sephora on the luxury side

Nyx Colour correcting palette $14CDN nyx cosmetics and Nyx Cosmetics concealer jar $8 Cdn nyx cosmetics  and E.L.F cosmetics corrective concealer palette $3 e.l.f.cosmetics on the drug store side


I hope you are all enjoying this photo ready holiday season !

Xoxo Mandi

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