Masking all the way and i share my biggest beauty secret for under $5

Beat the winter blues : My 2 top tips to help keep your skin looking fab through the holidays !


Dermalogica charcoal mask

The winter can be harsh on all of us and this is made worse by the party makeup and those festive drinks some of us have a little to much of. So here is two great tips to help keep your skin soft and glowing through this holiday season.

Its time to shine love these dermalogica masks

 1. Getting a good mask !

A great mask can really help detoxify or ask moisture to our skin to help ease the affects of this very busy time. The great part of the holidays is that there are some great gift sets you can get and maybe get an extra one for your bestie or someone you know needs a little pampering. Not all masks are created equal so investing in good mask will really help you see those results.


One of my favourites is Dermalogica, for a long time now i have been using their products and recently started trying their masks. As a lot of you don’t know for over a year I have been suffering with an illness and the treatments have played havoc on my life and my skin. These masks really do the trick for me and they currently have a trio available that is great because you get three masks that all accomplish different tasks. you get a charcoal mask to help detoxify the skin as well as the coveted age smart to help Diminish those fine lines and really help perk up the skin and lastly and most importantly in my case there is a hydrating mask which is perfect for giving the skin a little pick me up and adding a lot of moisture to help get you through those winter blues. This power rescue mask trio  is $80 at .

    2. Glycerin and Rose Water toner:

this secret has been in my family for longer than I would like to       admit. During those winter months my go to for helping keep moisture in my skin is less then $5 . You generally have to buy them separately and mix it yourself but with the price of some toners i am more then happy to oblige .

Glycerine oil , dermalogica hydrating mask and rose water


Rose water has been used for generations as a toner and it also has healing properties making this ideal for any skin type year round but especially in the winter months.

rose water i picked up from the grocery store


Benefits of rose water:

Rose water contains phenyl ethanol, an astringent which helps fight acne and blemishes.

Rose water acts as an antiseptic to help with skin irritations and helps reduce inflammation allowing better blood circulation in those tiny veins in the face.

It also helps maintain the PH of your skin and is safe to use on skin conditions like eczema, rose water has  been used in the past on insect bites. So this is a must have in my beauty arsenal it is the perfect natural solution for all skin types .  I personally suffer with very sensitive skin so trust me i get the battle to find a good toner that doesnt irritate and this is something my grandmother used and now i use religiously .I love natural products and its cheap cheerful and the rose smell is heavenly.


Glycerine oil available at most supermarkets or health food stores

Glycerin :

This is used in most of your beauty and skincare products (creams especially). This is a natural oil but when it is on the skin it isn’t oily. it absorbs very well into the skin moisturizing  with out creating that oily skin that so many products create. Glycerin keeps your skin hydrated by moisturizing and attracting water to it. You can also add some to your favourite moisturizer to keep your body soft too .


This is without any makeup just after i washed and toned

To make this toner at home I buy a spray bottle (from the dollar store is fine) 1 and ½  cups of rosewater to ¼ cup of glycerin . I spray it morning and night right after cleansing and anytime I just feel dry and want a little bit of a dewy glow.

I have now shared one of my biggest beauty secrets with you I hope you all stay hydrated this winter.


Xoxo Mandi

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