Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette – My Review

The Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette Review !!


Hey beauties,  Today I wanted to do a quick review for you guys on the Urban Decay Naked smoky palette. First I want to disclose that I purchased this palette and I do love urban decay as a brand I have many products that I use daily by them but this wont be one of them.


My look is using the colours Combust,High,Slanted and Dagger

Let’s start by saying I am a bit of an eye shadow snob in some ways because I have some amazing palettes that are on the pricey side but preform phenomenally so your opinion may differ from mine. I know from reading other reviews and people asking me to review this that a lot of you like this palette. Also I did receive the palette with the colour combust that was broken .


combust was broken upon arrival

This palette in true urban decay standard has great packaging which is very sturdy and well thought out. in the smoky palette you get 12 shadows which is a mixture of shimmers and mattes. You also get a great blending double ended brush which just might be my favourite part of this palette.

The colour range is good, I really enjoy palettes that have both day and night time shades to add versatility. Now on to the good, the bad and the ugly. First area of issues is talc, a lot of shadows and powders do contain talc as a personal preference its not my fav but in this industry its somewhat unavoidable. One thing I did like is that inside the box they do give you 4 look inspirations for those who are looking to try something new I think this is a great touch. On to the colour, as I said I really enjoyed the range of colours but getting that level of pigment is not an easy task.

Sorry about the swatches i primed my arm but still couldn’t get the colour to saturate

The bad and the ugly, I am not a fan of the level of pigment in this palette I find you really have to layer and build the colours and this takes more time then I care for. I don’t like that the colours that look dark in the palette end up being a lot lighter when worn which doesn’t give the desired effect in my opinion. I think this palette is ok for your average makeup lover but as a professional this is not something I like or would purchase again. I was very disappointed in this palette because I have had love affairs with other shadow palettes from urban decay. I found the mattes to be extremely chalky and no matter which primer I used I could not get the colour pay out I was looking for.

These are some of the eyeshadow inspirations sent with the palette

The urban Decay Smoky palette is reasonably priced in my opinion ($66 CDN ) . As far as may of their other palettes are concerned but this one I think is over priced for the pay off you are getting.  All in all I give this palette a 5 out of 10. I love the packaging and the colours but this one no matter how pretty just doesn’t delver. Below I will list my pros and cons .


Great looking palette

Love the brush that comes with it

Makeup inspiration booklet

Colour range



Price ($66 CDN or $54 USD)

Wear ability

Takes a lot of building to get colour pay off


Broken when i got it


Swatches with Flash


As I said this palette is fine for the average beauty lover but for my personal taste and what I look at professionally this palette did nothing for me. I was really excited to try it and I was very disappointed when I did. As I stated before I love the brand and many other products they have are my favourite but this one just doesn’t even feel like urban decay in my opinion.  The only colours I did find worked was high, dirty sweet , slanted and dagger . I hope this review has helped you guys and stay tuned for my final holiday look this week and my upcoming Give away !!



Xoxo Mandi



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