January Obsessions : My Top 5 Recent Obsessions

My Top 5 Recent Obsessions:


With all that’s Christmas shopping you inevitably pick up some new things for yourself or get them as gifts. Below I will list 5 of my favourite recent obsessions.

  1. Lush Lip scrub in sugar plum fairy:

    I recently picked this up while I was buying some gifts at lush simply because it smelled good and the liquid lipstick I was wearing at the time had really made my lips dry and when removing it I also found that it had really stained my lips. This scrub really helped get my lips back in shape after that crisis. I use this daily in the morning after I have washed my face and especially when I will be wearing a liquid lipstick so it doesn’t look flakey. Most of the lip scrubs I have tried in the past have simply been to harsh for me but this one is so perfect. It smells great and tastes good too (my cat keeps trying to eat it). Its $8.95 at lush stores.

Lush lipscrub Sugar Plum Fairy $8.95 in lush stores
  1. Bite Agave Lip masks

    I recently got a Sephora sample of three of the bite agave lip masks and I can say I am in love and have already ordered a full size one. This is probably my favourite lip mask/hydrating balm I have ever tried. I love the smell but its not over powering, I really love that my lips instantly feel hydrated. Products like this are so necessary with the rise in liquid lipsticks. The full size of this products is $30 at Sephora and comes in three colours, clear, candy apple red and rose gold. I think rose gold is my favourite simple because I am obsessed with rose gold but they are all great.

Sephora sample of bite agave mask $30 at sephora.ca
  1. Kiss Waterless Nail Tattoo

    ;  I was graciously sent these and on first glance I was like ok they are cute but once I started using them I was obsessed. They are super easy to put on and they are really cute the one I have has like feather patterns to me it looks like pieces of a dream catcher. Because I have bio gel nails and I got permeant French, I was a little nervous because usually these things damage my polish to a degree when I have to remove them but not with these. You just cut out your shade place it on your nail and remove the plastic, yes it is that easy. I really think these are a cute way to add a little something to your nails. When you want to remove them you just peel them off. The waterless nail tattoo pack in kapow is $1.99 USD at kissusa.com

Kiss waterlss nail tattoo $1.99 at Kissusa.com
  1. Colour Pop ultra satin lipstick in Baracuda: I have used colour pop cosmetics in the past but I have never tried one of their ultra satin lip sticks, I usually buy the ultra matte liquid lipsticks. When I bought this one the colour looked really dark to me so I was a little unsure but the minute I put it on I loved it. Its sort of this deep rose colour that I now adore. I usually stick more to reds or dusty rose colours but this one has expanded my comfort zone. The Colourpop Ultra Matte lipsticks I find can be really dry so this Ultra Satin Lipstick is great because it doesn’t feel dry or uncomfortable which I really like. Obviously because it is more hydrating you don’t get the same long wear as the mattes but this one layers really well and lasts around 4-5 hours before I really need a touch up. Baracuda is not streaky and has a really good pigment level. I think I will be ordering more of these for sure. Baracuda is $6 USD at colourpop
Colourpop ultra satin lipstick in baracuda             

     5. Kiss Lash Couture Faux mink Lashes in Gala :

If you have me on Instagram you have seen me wear these lashes a few times and I only recently got them they also appear in my new years eve  look . I really love these lashes that are launching soon. I was given these to try from roi relations and when they launch I will be buying more because they are super comfortable they look so full and soft and beautiful and they look dramatic without the weight. Some of the glamorous lashes you can buy are super heavy on your eyes but these ones I really didn’t feel like I was wearing lashes. I really like these and would recommend them to any lash lover. They will be available soon at Kissusa.com ! stay tuned I will let you all know as soon as  they release them.

Kiss Lashes Faux mink in Gala

What are you guys obsessed with after the Holidays ? Wishing you all a Happy New Year

Xoxo Mandi

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