New Year, New Skin Care; My Review on The Body Shop products

My  Skincare Review on two of the body shop’s newest skin care solutions.

Hey Beauties,

Recently I was sent some new skin care products to try from the body shop. I was sent the vitamin E aqua boost essence lotion and the Tea Tree Anti-Imperfection Daily solution. I have been using these daily for just under a month now as I didn’t want to review this for you guys until I had tried it for at least three weeks to see if I actually find this making a difference to my skin care. These two products are meant to be used after cleansing and toning but before moisturising. I know what you are thinking “why do I want to add 2 more steps to my skin care routine?”  trust me I felt the same way I already have a complex skincare routine but honestly the addition of these too products has made a change in my skin.

They say when your clothes change for the season so should your skincare. This is very true even more so for those of us with dry skin (who live in the frigid snow covered land  Called Canada). I have suffered with very dry skin all my life so I know how much of a beating your skin takes over the winter. The Claims of the company are that the Vitamin e aqua boost is supposed to re hydrate the skin and lock in the moisture for 48 hours. The tea tree anti-imperfection solution says in just 4 weeks you will see signs of brighter, softer, healthier and purified skin helping reduce any imperfections.


How they are used:

Vitamin E Aqua Essence boost is to be used after cleansing and toning but before any serums or moisturizers. I wash my face and use my rose water and glycerine spray ( I will link below my post about this DIY toner ) The taking a cotton pad I used maybe a nickel sized amount and rubbed this all over my face and neck ( don’t neglect your neck and chest when you do your skincare as these parts usually see as much of the environmental damage as out face )I then let it soak in to my skin for a few minutes before continuing my skin care routine .

Vitamin E Aqua Boost

Tea tree Anti imperfection daily solution is designed to be used in conjunction with the aqua boost. You take 3-4 drops on your hands and gently pat this into your face avoiding the eye area. After this has set in You can continue with other serums or moisturizers.


The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Anti-Imperfection Daily Solution

Looks, Amount and Cost:

Vitamin E Aqua Boost   is in a plastic pink bottle with 160ml of product and the cost is $20.  The aqua boost uses antioxidant properties to help protect against free radicals and is powered by bio fermented hyaluronic acid. The benefits of hyaluronic acid are that it helps to regenerate the dermis which helps fill in those fine lines. The main purpose of hyaluronic acid is to attract as much water as possible and this is how it helps achieve the results. This product is available at or in stores

Tea Tree Anti- imperfection solution is in a green glass bottle with a dropper with 50ml of product. It states on the aqua boost that it is suitable for all skin types and the tea tree is suitable for blemishes skin but after using it I really don’t see any skin type having a problem.The cost in $25 at and in stores.



My Experience  

I really did enjoy these products the Vitamin E aqua boost really left my skin feeling plump, hydrated and soft. I found this product very enjoyable it doesn’t have a potent smell to it and feels really soothing when you apply it. I noticed as time when on my skin to be really feeling a lot healthier but I also did find that I can only use the aqua boost in the morning because using it twice a day was really not working out well.  I do have a lot of steps in my nighttime routine so I think that I was simply using to many products that are all trying to achieve a similar goal. When I switched to just in the morning I found this to be more beneficial for my skin.

The tea tree daily solution is a really mild product which I love because of my sensitive skin. The smell I don’t particularly like, it reminds me of when you go into a sauna with eucalyptus oil. smell aside I really do find this to be a great product. Tea tree oil has been used for thousands of years due to the anti viral and anti-Fungal Benefits. That’s why a lot of skin companies love to use its healing properties for acne, blemishes and other skin problems.

The tea tree solution is very light and is not greasy at all and really does help make your skin a lot brighter and really helps with the blemish side of skin imperfections. This product did dry me out a little but if you have a solid moisturizer or other serums that follow it will be fine. This solution is really ideal for all skin types due to its non greasy nature

In conclusion I think both of these product have made great additions to my skin care routine and at least for now they are here to stay. I usually do a pros and cons list but I really can’t think of a lot of cons I mean they are good products at very reasonable prices so other then the tea tree smell I don’t have any complaints. I really never used the body shops skincare until now and I really think the company has a great approach to making their products as natural as possible and they are cruelty free. The tea tree solution is also 100% vegan.

 Disclaimer: I did receive the products at no cost for review purposes.

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Xoxo Mandi

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