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Hey Beauties,

I hope you are all enjoying your week and looking forward to the weekend. With the weekend just around the corner and gearing up for Valentines Day (in my case my birthday is next month !!!) so to help you guys out here is a little gem I stumbled upon.This product for Nyx Cosmetics is a total game changer! They has come out with Pro Foundation Mixers.


With the winter we all have to change out foundation for the season. For most of us in the summer we like a matte foundation so it doesn’t look oily during the day. Unfortunately for most of us in the winter that matte foundation ends up being drying and looking  patchy at times. Before you throw that foundation in the bin try these out.

Nyx Cosmetics Pro Foundation Mixers in luminous


Nyx Pro Foundation Mixers are products you add to your foundation to customize your colour or finish.  You can buy for $12 that can bring that matte to life!

Nyx cosmetics pro foundation mixer

This product is designed to be added to your existing foundation allowing you to completely customize your foundation from tone of the colour to the finish of the foundation from day to day. The Pro foundation mixers come in Opalescent (sheer white with an opalescent shimmer, Luminous (Champagne cream with gold undertone),Warmth ( a burnt orange for warmer skin tone ), Olive (deep beige with olive undertone for those who are neutral or on the cool side) and Deep  (a deep dark brown for a darker skin tone ) and white ( to help turn darker foundation lighter ).


Left side i just Nyx cosmetics HD foundation in nude and on the right is Nyx foundation and the pro mixer in luminous .

Nyx pro foundation mixers I think is a low cost way to save some money by getting the most out of your foundation. Instead of buy 4 and 5 foundations (different coverage and different finishes) you can just buy some of these and customize your makeup every time. I love that my foundations from summer which are a little too dark for me now but I can add some white and change the tone. I think this is a great option to never again have to throw away half bottles of foundation when my skin colour changes.

I am wearing the Nyx Hd foundation in nude mixed with the pro mixer in luminous

I personally bought the Luminous one and i love it. It makes subtle but beautiful changes to my foundation. I have tried it with Nyx Cosmetics HD foundation in Nude, M.A.C cosmetics pro longwear in NW20 and M.A.C cosmetics studio fix in NW20 and they were all beautiful and I just had the most natural radiant glow all day that was not overly shiny.

The top photo is me wearing the NYX Cosmetics HD foundation with the pro foundation mixer in luminous. the bottom photo has the same foundation but without the mixer.


All the shades are available at for $12 with the exception of White and Luminous which are currently sold out. I hope you guys like these and if you love to change it up and customize your foundation, this is a really great alternative to spending so much on so many foundations. A little really goes a long way and this product really reminds me of all the reasons I love makeup. I love that makeup allows you to be creative and express yourself.


Glow !!!

Xoxo Mandi




Disclaimer :  All opinions are my own and I am in no way affiliated with NYX Cosmetics I purchased the products for review purposes.

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