Inebrya Ice Cream KROMASK Hair Mask Review

Fade no more a simple  Hair Mask to keep your hair colour vibrant for weeks after the salon! is it too good to be true?


Hey Beauties,

Recently I made a change from dark brown to red hair and I was very quickly reintroduced to all the reasons I got rid of red hair a long time ago. The dreaded fade, anyone who has a rich vibrant colour knows the struggle of keeping your hair vibrant without having to go to the salon every other week.


Red is one of the worst colours to up keep it starts to fade after just one wash and by 4 weeks its usually a ginger mess. Well Not anymore, with one recommendation from my hair colour technician my red is re done almost the same as the day I got it done.

KroMask in Cherry Red $16.99 at Shoppers Drug mart

She told me about the ice cream colour KroMask from Inebrya. This hydrating mask is very easy to use and stress free. You simply wash your hair, towel dry it and then add this instead of conditioner once a week comb it through your hair and leave it for 3-5 minutes. Just like that you’re back to vibrant and never having a bad colour day again (time to throw out my hats ?).

Before the kro mask my faded red hair (Ginger Mess)

With a social media world and selflies galore, it seems making sure your hair is always good is more of a problem now than ever. I tried this for the first time thinking “ok maybe it will put a little bit of colour back” but I was shocked at how much it changed it just a few minutes.

Pro Tip: wear gloves it stains really fast.


They have many different colours to help revive most hair colours and it really could not be more simple. No hassle, no dye smells it really is a great product. I am not going to lie the consistency of the mask is very think so spreading it out is a little harder (and messy) but if you are used to at home dyed its super easy.

I put the mask on and combed it through but as you can see it stains and is a tad messy

The colour can look a little scary (mine was like a hot pink) . The bottle contains 300 ml of products for $16.99 at shoppers drug mart. This is a standout choice to keep your hair vibrant without spending hundreds at the salon. I am not saying that this replaces dyeing at all but it does help with the time in between appointments. This is also a lot less damaging than dying your hair every 4 weeks.

Washing it out was probably the longest part of this whole process. Once you get the products out I did put a little bit of a conditioning mask on the ends and then washed it off. I am really surprised at how soft my hair is considering I had it bleached and stripped in December. For the price I thought I would let you guys in on this little secret I found.

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