Beauty Hack : Microfiber Clothes aren’t just for your car!

Beauty Hack : Microfiber Cloths: Does the cloth you use really matter?

The answer is YES! Microfiber has been a hidden gem for our skin. Most of the time when you find microfiber cloths they are in the automotive section and you would never think this could be used on your face. That’s why its one of my favourite beauty hacks!

How they work:

The microfiber cloths in my opinion are the best for washing your face because they remove the dirt and residue from your face instead of just spreading the dirt around as not flannel’s do (face cloths). Microfiber cloths work by gently exfoliating your face removing all the dirt and dead skin cells. These cloths are the greatest for my fellow dry skin / sensitive skin beauties because most of the time the harsh exfoliators are very uncomfortable and painful.


If you have ever used the cloths around the house you know how much dirt grabbing power they actually have. When I first heard about this believe me I was skeptical to. When I finally bought them I was soo impressed I went and bought a ton of them and some microfiber towels for drying my face as well (they also have great turban style ones for your hair, if you suffer from frizzy hair you should really get one!).


Microfiber does an amazing job of getting all of the makeup, dirt and dead skin cells off of your face. The Fibers pick up all the dirt while gently cleansing and exfoliating. I used one each day because it is very important to use clean cloths each day as a lot of bacteria builds up on the cloths (on any cloths not just microfiber) it is also important to wash these separately from your other clothes to prevent them statically clinging to everything you own. Also do not use fabric softeners or dryer sheets with your cloths those fragrances can be irritating to the face but also will cause the microfiber to pick up all the lint from your clothes.


What microfiber cloths can be used for:

  • Exfoliating the face and body
  • Tightening pores and helping reduce black heads
  • The apparently help with acne scaring (I can’t say this is true because I haven’t seen it do this myself)
  • Exfoliating and cleansing the lips (if you wear matte lipstick you know why this is so good)
  • Removing makeup (it’s better to used these than cotton pads if you are sensitive because the tugging of cotton pads can cause irritation)
  • Cleansing your face
  • Applying Self Tanners (works amazingly for the hard spots like elbows and knees etc.)
  • As a towel (they really absorb a lot of water and they dry quickly so perfect for traveling)

How I use them:

I wet the cloth with lukewarm water and I apply my cleanser on my face with my hands then I use the cloth to massage it in and I rinse the cloth and then use it to remove the cleanser. you don’t need to rub your face really hard like you do with regular cloths. Using the micro fiber cloths makes your entire face routine quicker and I feel like it allows me to get the most value from my products because when you use microfiber it does a lot of the work for you very effortlessly.


Trust me when you get them wash your face and when you think it’s clean go back in with the microfiber. You will be shocked like I was at how much stuff was left on my face even when I thought it was clean.


Where can you get them?

Honestly you can get these anywhere, the blend you are looking for is 80% polyester and 20% polyamide. You can find these in places like Walmart (in the automotive section) I have seen them at the dollar store, on amazon, hardware stores etc. You don’t have to but the super expensive (meant for makeup) ones I mean really when it comes down to it I have both expensive ones and some from the dollar store and I don’t see much of a difference besides that the expensive ones have more designs but I really don’t care about designs on my face cloth. They come in a wide range of colours and sizes but the really soft thicker ones are the best for your face.


I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope it shows you some new things to add into your skincare routines.

Have a great weekend!!


XOXO Mandi

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