Hair Care Review : Silky smooth hair for under $5

The beauty Edition | Hair Care review Aussie 3 minute miracle

My newest Low key hair care obsession for less than $5

I found this little gem as I was scrolling through Walmart waiting for a prescription. If any of you go to Walmart you know the beauty isle and the pharmacy are dangerously (for my wallet at least) close to each other. With around my 20 minutes to kill I was looking for a new hair care masks or treatments. The red hair colour i have now is a lot of processing which causes my hair to be dry.

 The beauty Edition | Hair Care review Aussie 3 minute miracle

I picked up this Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moist  deep conditioning treatment.  It only cost $2.77  I was like “hey if this doesn’t work at least I didn’t break the bank “.

When I saw the super low price tag i will admit I didn’t have the highest of hopes. I was very surprised the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle deep conditioner is hair lifesaver is one of the best deep conditioners i have ever bought. I use it 3 – 4 times a week (which they say once a week but my hair is dry ok) and honestly my hair is silky smooth and I am loving this so much right now.

If you have really dry hair you need this in your life! The drug store is really stepping their game up lately. This product goes to show that sometimes price has nothing to do with how good a product is. I have bought many expensive masks and this one kicks all those to the curb. This also fit in perfectly to my haircare routine and it is here to stay.

How to use :

The way this Aussie conditioner is used is also extremely easy and its as simple as put it on when you are in the shower as you would normally apply conditioner. It helps if you keep a hair clip in the shower , I use to clip my hair up so when I am shaving or using body scrubs. The reason i do this to prevent the conditioner being washed out of my hair to early. You only have to leave it in in for 3-5 minutes and that’s it, an easy simple product that is very effective. I have no idea how they have achieved this level of quality with that low of a price but I am happy they have.

What are your favourite hair care products? if you guys have any products you want me to test and review please be sure to send me a message her or on twitter and Instagram (@beautyeditionx)

That is all for now my lovelies and i hope this helps all my fellow dyed hair beauties!

Xoxo Mandi

Disclaimer: this product was purchased by me and is in no way sponsored content. All opinions are my own and do no reflect on those of the company.

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