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The Beauty Edition| Skin Care routine| Skincare products review

How I keep my skin glowing and healthy !

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My skin before and after changing my routine both photos zero makeup

As many of you know I have had some health issues in the past (I am celiac). This caused me to get dermatitis which I had no idea where it came from. Before I knew I was celiac I tried so many skincare products because I thought I was getting acne (which I have never had hence my confusion). These Are the products that i keep using in my daily skincare routine.

This skincare routine I have now has really healed my skin and changed it for the better in so many ways so I would share it with you guys!

I will be listing a lot of products and how I use them because I really have become a firm believer that “variety is the spice of life” even with skincare (that’s just a fancy way of saying I change it up ). Some cleansers are more for the morning and not all of the products I will use every day . I will list all my skincare  routine products and when I use them. They are in order of use in the list.


The Beauty Edition| Skin Care routine| Skincare products review

 Makeup up removers:

The Beauty Edition| Skin Care routine| Skincare products review

Bioderma Sensi Bio $16.89 And Mary Kay oil free makeup remover $19 ( if you have lash extensions this Mary Kay remover can still be used as it is oil free and tested when I had lash extensions).


These are the only two eye makeup removers I use as they are both gentle enough not to cause stinging etc. and these work very well so there is no need to rub your eyes a lot so very little tugging. My eyes tend to get inflamed and red if I rub too much so that’s why these two are the only 2 that work for me. I swear by these and I love them to use on clients as well because I have never seen anyone have a reaction to these personally .

Cleansers: ( for all cleansers I use a micro fiber cloth)

The Beauty Edition| Skin Care routine| Skincare products review

AlumierMd Sensi Calm cleanser $55:

This cleanser I love for the evening as it really detoxifies my skin and gives it a really soft clean feeling that I love. This cleanser is also my go to when I am having any sort of skin flare up because this really helps my skin to rebalance itself. This is a cream cleanser that is gentle enough for sensitive skin but also really cleans away any dirt or dead skin cells.

Nspa $14

this one I love to use in the morning you put then gel on dry skin and it turns into an oil as you massage your skin. When you wash it off it turns into a milky consistency . I really love this for the morning as I have dry skin I love that this does not strip my skin .

Ponds cold cream cleansing cloths $10:

The Beauty Edition| Skin Care routine| Skincare products review

These are my drug store fav ! these wipes and me have been together since I was 16 and I still find these to be one of the best on the market !I pick these up at Walmart usually.

Sephora Rose Cleansing cloths $10 :

I got these in one of the Sephora gift sets around Christmas it had these wipes a sheet mask and a sleeping mask . If you have dry skin this system will be your holy grail. These wipes really help to add the moisture back into your skin. These I will use mainly during the winter months.

The Beauty Edition| Skin Care routine| Skincare products review


DIY Toner$5-7 :

My DIY toner is one I make and I have spoken about more in detail on my other post so to see that click here. . I mix rose water and glycerin oil together is a small spray bottle and I use this as a toner daily. I really like this toner its something we have been doing in my family for a long time I actually learned this technique from my great grandmother.

Kiehls Cucumber toner $24 -$42:

Kiehls cucumber toner is an oldie but a goodie , this is a major fav I have been using for a long time as well . I also used to by the ultra toner from kiehls but since my skin issues happened the ultra I can no longer use as I break out in hives and a rash. The cucumber one however is really good and ideal for those who are sensitive.

Hyaluronic acids :

these work by preparing your face for the following products so you get maximum benefits from oils and moisturizers etc. Both products are applied directly to the face with a cotton pad.

The Beauty Edition| Skin Care routine| Skincare products review

AlumierMD Ultimate boost serum $90:

This product is wonderful. when I began using this one a few months ago I saw real benefits and I found a lot of my products where really saturating my skin. This however is a bit too strong personally to use it twice a day. I use this product at night as that is when I use more products that I really want to let settle into my skin and very hydrating. Ultimate Boost Serum helps to restore your skins hydrolipid barrier and strengthens, firms and improves elasticity.This product also contains aloe which i love because i don’t know why but my skin and aloe vera are best friends.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Aqua boost $20:

This is along the similar lines to the other product but not as strong so this product I use in the morning. this one is only $20 and it really is a great product for the price. For a more in depth review click here.


 The Beauty Edition| Skin Care routine| Skincare products review

The Body Shop Tea tree oil anti blemish $25 :

I have spoken about this products and the vitamin e aqua boost in more detail to read about this in more detail click here. I apply 3-4 drops onto my hands and massage this into the face. This really helps keep those pesky breakouts away . Tea tree oil has great detoxifying properties as well as healing properties.

The Body Shop Vitamin c 10 day serum ( this was $30 but its now not being carried:( ):

This Vitamin C serum comes separated and you have to mix it . This is done because vitamin c goes bad very quickly (it it turns amber throw it out ). Generally i buy  this either once a month or every other month and you use it for 10 days and it really helps to brighten your face. I use this one after events and things because I find it really helps to bring back my natural glow. So sad this is no longer being sold in Canada but when i find a replacement i will update .

Eye creams :

The Beauty Edition| Skin Care routine| Skincare products review

AlumierMD Alumieye cream $80:

I only use one at the moments because it is the only one I have ever seen benefits from. For a more in-depth review please click here. I love this eye cream, it really helps to brighten the eye area and also combats the dry skin I get around my eyes. I must say since using this cream my under eye makeup sets way better than it ever has! ( use the eye cream before you moisturize all of your face. You always want to use products in order of consistency so use the thinnest products first and then use the thicker moisturizers.

Moisturizers :

The Beauty Edition| Skin Care routine| Skincare products review

Day time :


Alumiermd Hyrdra Light $60 :

This one is classified as a night cream but I didn’t find it gave me enough moisture for the nighttime so I use it in the daytime now. It’s a really great supper light weight formula. It does not feel greasy in any way and it really soaks into the skin nicely.

Belif True Cream Moisturizing bomb $47: Day/Night

I know everyone is talking about the aqua bomb but in my opinion this one is way better. If you have dry skin and you want to try products from this company try this one before the aqua bomb. Belif true cream moisture bomb really helps to hydrate your skin and makes your skin super soft. I really also love how makeup layers on top of this. I used this cream either am or pm.

Embryololisse Lait-Cream Consentre $16USD :

This is such a great day cream !. I have been using this cream under my makeup for 2+ years . There is a reason that this cream is a cult favourite among makeup artists and models alike. The cream is a very light consistency and it goes on so well without looking oily. This is also my go to cream when i travel because its smaller sized tube take up very little space compared to other creams and they have a size great for carryon or in your purse for the beach etc. I take this everywhere with me you can get this cream on the sephora website for around $16 USD.

Night time :

The Beauty Edition| Skin Care routine| Skincare products review

Alumier MD Hydra dew cream $60.

At first I was sent the hydra light but when I spoke to the PR company about how the hydra light really was not giving me the level of moisture I needed from it . They graciously sent me this one to try in its place and I am so happy they did because this cream is amazing. I love that this is so moisturizing and feels cool on my skin. This cleared up a lot of the dry patches I had around my nose and chin.

The Body Shop vitamin E hydrating oil $30 :

This is a really inexpensive oil that works really well for those days when your skin is dry (from traveling or to many nights out etc.). I usually add 2 drops into my moisturizer on the back of my hand and I mix them together to get a little extra kick out of my moisturizers. I used to use this  a lot more but I find with the AlumierMD hydra dew cream I don’t need to reach for this as often as I have in the past.

Kehils Ultra Facial Deep Moisture Balm $36 – $67 :

Now this is not a cream/balm I would use daily as it is super thick and very very hydrating. I still love to keep this on hand for any skin flair ups or super dry patches. I do try to use this at least once a week (I have a night where I use a lot of products and my skin is a bit like an oil slick but my skin feels a lot better for it). If you are having and super dry issues this cream would work very well for you. I wouldn’t recommend it to someone with oily skin as I think this may clog your pores.

Also I try and do 1-2 face masques a week I tend to use Dermalogica, Masker aid beauty or Sephora rose sheet masks.

All of the AlumierMD Products have to be bought through your dermatologist. They are a medical grade skin care company. If you don’t have a dermatologist the AlumierMD website will help you find one in your area. I have met a lot of people from this company and their passion speaks volumes. This company has such  a great team and they have a great range of products. As these are medical grade it is best to consult a dermatologist to ensure you get on the right products for your specific skin type. We all have different skin so what works for me may not work for you.

I hope you guys like this post! I have gotten a fair amount of questions about my skincare so I wanted to let everyone know all of the products I am currently using!

What are your go to skincare items? I hope you are all have a great day.

Xoxo Mandi


Disclaimer : Some of the products featured have been sent to me for review purposes. All Opinions are my own and do not reflect those of the companies.



If you wanted any more information i will include links to the companies below


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