Top 5 Makeup Brushes You actually Need!

Top 5 Makeup brushes your actually need

Makeup Brushes Simplified ! The makeup Brushes you actually need!


With all these bloggers showing off 200+ makeup brushes it is really easy to get overwhelmed. It’s hard to decide when everyone is recommending different brushes and types, but what ones do you really need?

In this post I am showing you the 5  makeup brushes  i think everyone needs in their collection. I will explain which brushes you need and how you can use them for multiple purposes, plus a few honourable mentions. Also the makeup brushes I am showing are by type not brand so please feel free to find Makeup brushes  from whichever company you like in your price range.

Top 5 Makeup brushes your actually need

The Angled Blush brush:

The slanted bristles make this brush not only multi purpose but a definite must have. This brush I have used for blush, contour, highlight and setting powders.

 Top 5 Makeup brushes your actually need
Slanted Blush Brush BH Cosmetics

The Blending brush:

This is again something I always reach for I have usually between 5-6 of these in my kit because I use them for blending, highlights, upper lip highlights, filling in hair line and so much more I think if I could only have 3 brushes for the rest of my life this would be one of them.

Top 5 Makeup brushes your actually need
The Blending Brush BH Cosmetics

The slanted eyeliner brush:

This is a great eye brush to have in your makeup kit. This works great for brows, eyeliner and under eye lash lining.

Top 5 Makeup brushes your actually need
Slanted Eyeliner/ Brow brush

All Over Shadow brush:

A flat brush with tighter bristles really helps to to get the most from your eyeshadow remember the tighter the bristles the more product will get on your skin . This is another very versatile brush it can be used for shadow , highlighting when you need more precision ( nose, brow bone etc.), the lower lash line to add some drama and I have even used this for cream concealers.

Top 5 Makeup brushes your actually need
All Over Shadow Brush BH Cosmetics

A large fluffy powder brush :

This is a great brush for bronzers, foundations setting powder etc. really love these brushes it’s a definite must have for me.

Top 5 Makeup brushes your actually need
Large Fluffy Powder Brush BH Cosmetics


Honorable Mentions!


Beauty Blender:

I know this is not technically a brush but this is a must have for me so I thought I should mention it. This is the best way to get a flawless foundation application and also the best thing to blend out cream contour and highlight/concealer.


Flat top foundation/kabuki brush:

I love these brushes for applying certain foundations especially the buildable coverage foundations. I usually do one coat with this brush and a second with a beauty blender when I am feeling extra!



Top 5 Makeup brushes your actually need

Pro tip : Correct Cleaning of your brushes can extend the life of your brushes. Make sure to take care of them so you can maximize your investment !


I am one of those people that has rolls of brushes and I kind of collect them to a degree. That doesn’t mean you need to ! Everyone finds brushes they love for different applications , reasons and or preferences . These are the brushes I would say is the minimum you need to get. If you are just starting out these are the brushes you will get the most use out of . For more precision eye looks you do need a variety of brushes but for everyday makeup these will suit you just fine.

Makeup is artistic and personal, remember makeup is fun and it’s ok to be creative.

When you buy brushes just because they are labeled “foundation “ or any other name doesn’t mean that’s the only thing you can use it for . Some of my favourite brushes are used for very different uses than they are described as.

All the brushes shown are from BH Cosmetics. I have been trying these out now that I am vegan because the brand is cruelty free and I wanted to find some good, Affordable Makeup Brushes. Full Review of them coming soon but so far I am very happy with them.

Have a fabulous week!

Xoxo Mandi

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Disclaimer: The products mentioned are not sponsored nor were these given to me.  All opinions are my own and do not reflect that of the companies.

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