Hair cake …? My review of the new Canadian brand of cake hair products

The Beauty Edition| hair review| Cake hair review

” yes i want my hair to smell like cake” …. or do i ?

Hello Beauties ,


Summer is upon us and its time to ditch the hats and embrace those beachy waves from surfing all day ( or at least faking the look ). Summer Is a time for all things beautiful but also the heat can cause major issues and also water sports and glam hairstyles can be problematic. Not to worry though because I will be testing out a range of products over the next few months to keep you covered.


First up while browsing in my local Shoppers Drug Mart I saw this the cake hair brand and the packaging stood out from all the rest because it says cake and lets be real who doesn’t like cake? When I saw the products and thought “ yes I want my hair to smell like cake” so naturally I grabbed a few to test them out .


“The Wave Maker’

The Beauty Edition| hair review| Cake hair review
“The Wave Maker”

A texturizing beach spray ( could this beat my bumble and bumble surf spray ?), this “ wave maker” is sugar infused ( and you don’t even need to add the calories to your cronometer). The product claims to give you soft sheen waves that wont dry your hair out and wont leave your hair sticky ….. I know that is a bold claim to make right?


After testing this product out for 2 weeks I have found things I love about this product and things I am not a fan of first of. I feel I should say I naturally have wavy hair so for people with naturally straight hair , I don’t think this product will be for you . ” The Wave Maker” is $19 cdn and can be purchased at shoppers drug mart or online at



  • Gives you manageable beachy waves
  • Doesn’t make your hair supper sticky like most texturizing sprays
  • Didn’t dry out my hair
  • Cruelty free
  • Canadian made ( I like to support local when I can )

Cons :

  • Smell is overpowering ( my husband literally said I smelt like a lemon cupcake before running away lol)
  • Bottle sprayer is not consistent
  • Made my hair slightly more voluminous than I wanted ( for a natural look )

Overall experience:

Overall I think it’s a good product at a fair price point I did find it amped up my waves but as I said my hair is naturally wavy so this worked with what I already had. This works great if you want to spray it on wet hair and braid it overnight.

Honestly i liked that this product did not make my hair feel sticky or crunchy as so many others do. The wave maker was perfect for my hair type and this product has helped me cut down the amount of heat styling . I really  feel like this is a perfect product for traveling or anytime you want effortless waves and volume.


“ The Locks Smith “

The Beauty Edition| hair review| Cake hair review
” The Lock Smith”

Hydrating conditioner spray , this product claims to be luster boosting , soft and smoothing , frizz fighting , light , style reviving dry conditioner . When I saw dry conditioner I was like wait … what? As I am sure you have seen and use a dry shampoo but I have never seen a dry conditioner. This peaked my interest and got popped into my basket with the other one .

“The Lock Smith is $19 CDN and is available at shoppers drug mart or at .


  • Makes your hair super soft
  • Helps fight frizz even in humidity
  • If you have wavy/curly hair like me this is a god send as far as keeping the Maine tamed ( not today Satan!)
  • Great Price point
  • Cruelty free ,vegan and Canadian made

Cons :

  • Again the smell is way to strong but not as sickly as the other one
  • Left a tiny white cast

Overall Experience :

Overall I would say this was my favourite of the two despite the smell I will still be adding this one to the line up. ” The Locks Smith” kept my hair super soft and once the smell wears down it is a great product for reviving your hair and also i love how this products can fight the frizz when it’s hot out. I love how shiny and healthy looking this made my hair as well.


The Beauty Edition| hair review| Cake hair review


In conclusion :


I really did enjoy these products , I did find it odd how in the store my hair smelling like cake seemed like the best idea ever . In hindsight having this strong of a cake smell is almost sickening  ( not in a good way) at times . These cake hair products still get a thumbs up from me because even though I have a love/hate  relationship with the smell.


The “locks smith “ dry conditioner is a great product for anyone who has the frizz like I do during the warmer months . I really liked how soft this made my hair feel . Again with “ the wave maker” I don’t recommend this product if you have straight hair I really don’t think this will do much for you . This hair product will amp up those of us who already have wavy hair by making it way more manageable.

The Beauty Edition| hair review| Cake hair review
using both “The Wave Maker” and” The Lock Smith”

The cake brand I really feel good about because they are Canadian and they are also committed to being cruelty free and vegan and this is something I am happy to recommend. If you are someone who is very sensitive to smells these are very strong scented so keep that in mind.


I hope you guys liked this review and I hope to try some other cake products of theirs in the future. Have any of you tried these ? let me know how you liked them !



Xoxo Mandi



Disclaimer : I purchased these Cake hair products myself and this post was in no way sponsored. All opinions are my own and do not reflect those of the company.

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