Natural Deodorant and why you should be using it ?…..myth or fact?

The Beauty Edition| natural deodorant | natural beauty and skincare

Natural Deodorant …. Why is this a thing?


Natural deodorant has been popping up all over he place and some are often expensive and way more than your usual dove or dial. It made me wonder why this is thought of as a better choice. So I hopped on the internet and fell down a rabbit hole and this is what I found .

We have all been embracing more natural beauty products (sulphate free , Paraben free etc.) but do I really want to compromise on possible body odour? While no one wants to talk about this topic it is also not responsible to completely ignore the health risks with all these chemicals in you normal deodorants.  First of all I must say the reason I went looking is deodorant’s have always given me a rash. I have tried them all and same issue so I just sort of figured this was how life was going to be. Recently however it has been getting worse and becoming painful so I went in search of another way.


The Beauty Edition| natural deodorant | natural beauty and skincare
Is it kitty approved?

Possibly problematic ingredients:



Aluminum is the active ingredient in most antiperspirant’s tat helps keep that freshness


How does it work?


The aluminum salts ( aluminum chloride, aluminum chlorhydrate and aluminum hydroxy bromide ) prevent sweating by drawing the aluminum ions into the cells that line our sweat ducts. which causes swelling thus closing off the ability to sweat ( explains why my skin flips out).


On the flip side remember that aluminum is a neurotoxin that has been linked to various cancers and neurological disorders. Breast cancer is a big one as aluminium has ben shown at times to change the estrogen receptors in our breast tissue cells. Sadly this bad chemical has also been linked to liver toxicity which is a contributing factor to thinks like Alzheimer’s disease.

Aluminum free deodorant’s  or “deodorant crystals” are made with a more naturally occurring aluminum that has molecules to large to be absorbed topically (by the skin).I know what you are thinking this all sounds like a slippery slope to straight up hippie but these products can be as effective as normal deodorants. When it comes to controlling bacteria causing odour from developing from the sweat as opposed to artificially clogging the pores as most deodorants do.


These more natural versions can be DIY or in my case found in your local natural shops or places like whole foods.

The Beauty Edition| natural deodorant | natural beauty and skincare

There are many other factors to look at with conventional deodorants like Talc , BHT and fragrance’s just to name a few. Over all the amount of chemicals in conventional deodorant’s frankly scared me half to death.


Does natural even work ….. Yes and no !

I experimented for the past 3 months or so with your store bought natural brands (DIY isn’t something I always have time for like many people ). I found the ones heavy with fragrance ( even naturally ) made me break out in a rash pretty bad but I am super sensitive so I expected this. Some worked well while others seemed to make me sweat more and I rarely sweat . Below I will list the ones that worked for me and those that didn’t .


Jason  ( in calming lavender )$7.49 at

The Beauty Edition| natural deodorant | natural beauty and skincare

I have heard good things about this one but I was not even able to have it on for 20 minutes. It was intensely burning and causing a major reaction so if you are sensitive like me I would skip this brands ones with scents.


 The green beaver company (in wild rose )$5.84 @

The Beauty Edition| natural deodorant | natural beauty and skincare

This one worked well in my opinion but I will be unable to continue as again I had a reaction. I know a lot of people who love this brand so I may try their non scented ones ( if they have any ).


Natural Sense deodorant spray with Vitamin E $6.99 at Marshall’s (original $14)

The Beauty Edition| natural deodorant | natural beauty and skincare

This is the one I had the most hope for and the biggest let down . I found this spray to be as effective as water … as in it did nothing no reaction but also no action . I don’t even know how this is labeled as deodorant …. Major pass



Toms of Maine 24hr long lasting deodorant$6.98 At Walmart

The Beauty Edition| natural deodorant | natural beauty and skincare

Now this one however was the game changer as one of the least expensive and easily available ( even found in Walmart). This cruelty free brand was hands down the winner out of all the ones I have tried and for the first time in my life a deodorant didn’t make me itchy or have a rash at all . It has a slight scent but nothing over powering, I  really enjoy this one and I will continue to use it . When I wore this to the gym it didn’t let me down at all so I was pretty impressed, I recommend this brand highly!


Conclusion :

Over all I don’t think I will ever go back to other deodorant’s as reading about all of this truly scared me because its something I never even considered. Sometimes habits allow us to stick our head in the sand and ignore what’s right in front of us. My belief  is that you should do your research and find what works for you.  Personally i do not want to accept the risks when I don’t need to. I hope this provided you with some food for thought and let me know if you have any brands that are your favs!!

The Beauty Edition| natural deodorant | natural beauty and skincare
The ones that didn’t work for me.

Have a great week and keep it fresh naturally!!


Xoxo Mandi



Disclaimer : this post is in no way sponsored nor am I a physician . These are me experiences and research but in no way are a substitute for medical advice. If you have health concerns please see a physician. All opinions are my own and do not reflect on those of the company’s.

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