Skin type Decoded … What’s your skin type?

The Beauty Edition| what's your skin type | skincare ,makeup ,education

Skin type decoded … How to know your skin type!

Hey Beauties,

Knowing your skin type is extremely important when it comes to buying skincare and even makeup. This seemingly simple but totally complex problem usually leads to wasting money on products that wont work and constant guessing without simplified guidelines .

Time and time again I get people  (some even some over 50 yr. olds) who really don’t know their skin type. So I thought I would  try and simplify this argument.


There are five common skin types: Normal , Oily ,Dry , Combination and Sensitive.

The Tissue Test !

The Beauty Edition| what's your skin type | skincare ,makeup ,education

No this isn’t just for teeth whitening commercials it can also help narrow down your skin type . In the morning after you have slept is the best time to do the test . Blot your face with a tissue and see which of the following suits your skin .

The Beauty Edition| what's your skin type | skincare ,makeup ,education
while some products are good for all skin types a lot are meant for target skin types so read those labels !!


Normal Skin :

A normal skin type will not show any oil in the morning and you will have an even skin tone and generally soft skin due to the great circulation on your face. If this is you then aren’t you lucky ! your skin will generally be good year round and the world is your oyster when it comes to products but that being said you may need to do a little bit of goldilocks action because to much or not enough can make your skin either oily or dry so you skincare should be balanced


Dry Skin :

The Dry skin type has low oil production so again no oil will be found. This skin type will often have flaky skin or the skin will feel tight after being wiped. If this is your skin type like myself your skincare should be gentle and your moisturizer should be a rich/protective moisturizer to help control the uncomfortable tightness. Also season change will affect this so you may need to have multiple/stronger moisturizers in the winter months. In the winter i personally use 2-4 moisturizers at night ,some oils/serum and some rich moisturizers. Hydrating primers are my best friend so I really suggest these to help your makeup look smooth so it doesn’t settle in the dry patches.


Oily Skin :

The oily skin types will leave oil blots on the tissue. If this is your skin type your skin produces excess oil pretty easily (you get a 5 o’clock glow !). This oil usually is mainly worse around the t zone area and caused by overactive sebaceous glands. This can be from hereditary factors or diet and hormone levels. If this is you then you like a person with dry skin have to really be careful which products you buy . You will want to stay away from rich moisturizers and very oily products .

I would also on the makeup side stay away from the “dewy” or “luminous ‘ foundation types because they will usually lead to break outs ( your skin is like I got this I don’t need any artificial glow “). Powder can be your best friend and a good foundation powder or setting powder should be carried with you so you can blot on the fly also oil controlling primers and setting sprays will be your B.F.F.

Make sure you hydrate your skin though . I know it seems to be the opposite of what you want to do. If your skin senses it needs moisture it can often make the oil production worse.

Combination skin :

The combination skin type will generally show some oil around the t-zone area but not on the cheeks, eye or mouth areas. You will generally notice your face getting oily through the day in the t-zone as well. If this is your skin type then the best skincare for you will be to treat the areas separately. Use things for dryer skin around the cheeks eyes and mouth area’s and skincare meant for oily types in the areas that get oily. also I would always recommend setting those areas with a little more powder and using a good oil free setting spray will help lock it all in and stop the excess powder from looking cakey. I would also recommend 2 primers one for t-zone that is oil controlling.

Sensitive skin :

If you have this skin type you will not see much oil on the tissue and even some irritation from the rubbing (redness). This is often the most confusing because any of these skin types can become sensitive and there are so many reasons and factors . You may suffer from things like rosacea , allergies (to makeup/skincare) ,eczema Etc. Having sensitive skin means your skin gets really irritated easily and can even become inflamed.

This out of all the skin types will require the strictest skincare. You want to make sure the products are meant for your skin type as well as avoid things like dyes and fragrances also avoid products with alcohol this can in my experience really irritate the skin. Makeup wise I would suggest also putting a barrier between the skin and your makeup(moisturizer , spf then primer ). Just to help keep those irritating chemicals from soaking into the skin.

The Beauty Edition| what's your skin type | skincare ,makeup ,education

” But i fit into more then one category?”

Now after saying all this a lot of us don’t fit into one category or the other which makes this difficult. Most of us straddle between two types especially as far as seasons are concerned. Personally I am dry/sensitive and i have struggled with eczema for most of my life. Anything with a strong fragrance gives me a burning sensation but other then that I am mainly dry up until the winter when my skin flips out.


Another thing to mention is a lot of these are diet related ( click here read my previous article about eating your way to healthy skin). As sometimes dietary changes can really help your skin to stabilize and become clear soft etc.

My biggest tip for skin health is Water ,Water ,Water !!!

I notice if I don’t drink a lot of water my dry skin becomes a nightmare. Usually if I have been slacking in the water department or having to much caffeine/ salt my skin will get really dry and irritated. I recommend making notes on when you have a bad skin day. Write down what you ate that day or the previous day/evening. Sometime through food journaling you will see a common factor on those day so you will know what’s upsetting your skin and you can avoid it .


I hope this helps you guys ! What’s your skin type ? let me know and have a great week!!!

Xoxo Mandi



Disclaimer: All information provided is for educational purposes and is in no way a substitute for medical advice. If you have questions about your health and skin health please contact your doctor or dermatologist. All opinions are my own.

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