Cruelty free Mink Lashes ? true or false?

Cruelty free mink lashes ?| Mink lashes |the beauty edition |educational |cruelty free beauty

Can Mink eye lashes ever be cruelty free?

Mink lashes have become all the rage lately. As most of us do look for cruelty free on packages etc. you will find a lot of “cruelty free “mink lashes. The true question here is can wearing animal fur essentially truly be cruelty free?

The answer to this in my opinion is NO. Mink farms offer small cages with multiple minks in the same cage. This by my definition is in no way cruelty free. Minks are very similar to weasels and therefore the act of confining and animal that was meant to roam is torture. I know a lot of companies say “they just brush the hairs off” but since I know minks have a very aggressive temperament, so it’s hard to believe they just allow you to brush them.

So What’s the alternative. … faux mink!( the only true cruelty free mink lashes) Recently a lot of companies have been coming out with “faux or synthetic mink lashes” and I couldn’t be more excited.

Cruelty free mink lashes ?| Mink lashes |The Beauty Edition |educational |cruelty free beauty
Wearing Ardell Faux mink Lashes in 812

I have tried out both the Kiss faux mink lashes as well as the Ardell faux mink lashes. I was honestly so shocked at how close they are to the real thing. The reason a lot of people like mink lashes is for their soft but full appearance. Both the Ardell faux mink lashes and the kiss lashes did not disappoint.


Now that we also see there are some amazing alternatives I don’t see why any animal should have to suffer for beauty products. I know the world of cruelty free can be overwhelming but sometimes you just need to use common sense. I mean I am pretty sure we can all agree that caging any animal for it’s entire life is both cruel and unnecessary.

Cruelty free mink lashes ?| Mink lashes |The Beauty Edition |educational |cruelty free beauty
Wearing Kiss faux mink lashes in GALA

So I hope you guys will think twice before you buy your lashes. Faux mink is also cheaper so this is great for your wallet as well. I would recommend trying out the faux mink lashes from both Ardell and Kiss lashes. Both companies have made really great, versatile and inexpensive lashes that are sure to wow all beauty lovers and the drug store companies are really making some amazing products.


Ardell Faux mink lashes.( can be found in Walmart or sally’s beauty )

Cruelty free mink lashes ?| Mink lashes |The Beauty Edition |educational |cruelty free beauty

  • 4 Styles to chose from
  • Cost $$7.99 -10.99
  • Very versatile looks for both day and night wear
  • Last for multiple uses with no issues

Kiss faux mink lashes

Cruelty free mink lashes ?| Mink lashes |The Beauty Edition |educational |cruelty free beauty

  • 5 styles to choose from
  • Great glamorous styles that are very full
  • Cost $5.99 USD
  • Harder to find in Canada(con)

(If you want to see a video about the cruelty that mink lashes lead to please Click here. Warning This video is made by peta and contains graphic content, If you are sensitive to cruelty or find this triggering please do not watch )

I hope this post gave you some food for thought and I hope you are all having a great week.

Xoxo Mandi

Disclaimer: some of the products mentioned were provided for review purposes. All opinions are my own and do not reflect those of the companies.

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