Oil Pulling …I test out this DIY dental/beauty hack !

The beauty edition | oil pulling | Diy Dental | DIY beauty

Discovering this ancient  DIY dental trend !! What is it and does it work ??

Hello Beauties,

If you are a youtube browser like myself, you may have seen a new trend called oil pulling. This new trend both intrigued yet terrified me therefore you know I had to try this out (face your fears and all that ).

What is it ?

Oil pulling also know as Kavala is an ancient dental technique . This technique required that you put a table spoon of oil (organic coconut or sesame oil is best ) in your mouth and swish it around for 10-20 minutes .

Ever wonder how our ancestors with no toothbrush still kept their teeth?

This practice has been around for centuries ( dates back to 3000 bc in Egypt). Today we eat all sorts of foods that are awful for our teeth processed food , sugar, phytic acid among other acids , dyes and chemicals etc. So it would seem we need to give our teeth more help now than ever.

The beauty edition | oil pulling | Diy Dental | DIY beauty

What does it do ?


Oil pulling is told to have amazing dental and health benefits by drawing out the toxins in your body which can lead to great oral health.Oil pulling helps with problems like bad breath and just generally removing toxins and improve your overall health. The swishing action also helps to cut through plaque without causing damage to your teeth enamel.


When I started researching this I saw floods of testimonials on how in addition to oral health people were curing headaches, arthritis, skin conditions, hormonal imbalances and all sorts of ailments with this seemingly simple process. So if you can get all the benefits by this simple process it can’t hurt right. On a vanity note oil pulling is known to naturally whiten teeth and who doesn’t want whiter teeth right?

Quick list of benefit claims :

  • Cures tooth decay
  • Can help heal bleeding gums
  • Whitens teeth
  • Soothes throat dryness
  • Prevents cavities
  • Boosts immune system
  • Strengthens gums and jaw (don’t I know it )
  • Can improve acne

How to do oil pulling?

The beauty edition | oil pulling | Diy Dental | DIY beauty

This is where you realize simple isn’t so simple.

Follow these 5 easy steps :

  1. Put 1-2 tablespoons of oil into your mouth .Make sure this is done first thing in the morning before brushing your teeth or drinking/eating anything.
  2. Gently swish the oil around in your mouth for 10-20 minutes .Make sure you don’t swallow it and swish gently as your jaw and cheeks will begin to tire out and hurt (don’t make the same mistakes I did ).
  3. Once done spit the oil out into a trash can (avoid the sink as the oil buildup over time can clog your sink). Immediately rinse your mouth with warm water( you can add salt to the water for extra antimicrobial benefits).
  4. Brush your teeth as normal ( I use natural toothpaste by Toms of Maine )
  5. Finished , you are done (give yourself a pat on the back ) !!

Does it work?/ My experience

First of  all minus the sore jaw in the morning I have noticed a major difference. I have only been doing this for a about a month now and I can already see my gums which normally look pretty red changing to a nice pink colour. My teeth are becoming whiter and in addition i noticed that i don’t have that normal horrible morning breath pasty taste when I wake up.

The beauty edition | oil pulling | Diy Dental | DIY beauty
4 week results ( excuse the skin difference i have recently spray tanned)

Why I used coconut oil over other oils ?

Most noteworthy i decided on organic coconut oil for my journey because of it’s added benefits.Coconut oil has been knows to improve digestion, moisturize and purify the skin, reduce cellulite (yes please!) and decrease wrinkles and age spots (sign me up ), burn fat, balance blood pressure and the list goes on.

The beauty edition | oil pulling | Diy Dental | DIY beauty

Coconut oil is very easily absorbed, so it is known to be able to receive these benefits just by oil pulling.


Tip: if you are forgetful like me make your life easier by putting a table spoon and the oil beside your bed. It makes it easy to remember and do while you check social media !


Will I continue?

YESSS !!! At first I must admit the whole process was a lot to get used to because forming new habits is challenging. For the first week my jaw ached and it was hard to get used to swishing oil in my mouth for 20 minutes (yes I started with the 20 min option as I am a “ go big or go home “ kind of girl ).

In conclusion i am excited to see the benefits in 3 months , 6 months etc ( I will keep you updated). I think once you start feeling and seeing results you will probably start to get used to the process. I am very happy so far and I wanted to share this inexpensive beauty secret with you guys to help improve your health and possibly whiten your smile!!


Have you tried oil pulling ? let me know ! I hope you guys are having a great week and until next time.

Xoxo Mandi

Disclaimer : this post is meant for informational purposes and is in no way a substitute for medical advise. if you have questions concerning your health please see your doctor.

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