New ClearProof mask that is taking the world by storm! Review

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Mary Kay’s new deep-cleansing charcoal ClearProof mask review!


Hello Beauties,


Today’s hot topic is the new Mary Kay  Deep cleansing Charcoal ClearProof mask! This mask has been all over the media and even caught the attention of Forbes (who knew they cared about skincare !!).

I was recently sent this mask to review and after 3 weeks of testing I am here with my honest review!!

Before we get to the nitty gritty let’s look at the claims that Mary Kay makes. This Triple action mask is said to cleanse the skin and immediately mattify your skin. This mask has activated charcoal that can hold double its weight in pore clogging impurities leading to clearer skin and also they have added mineral clay and Kaolin to help boost the masks oil removing absorbency. They say this mask will leave you with smooth matte skin and will help with dark spots and discolouration.

The Beauty Edition | Mary Kay Review| Skincare Review | Clear proof mask |beauty


Well that is a lot to live up to so I put it to the test!


First of all, I must state my skin is on the dryer side of things so I can’t really attest to its oil removing ability of the clearproof Mask and wether or not it would actually help with oily skin ( but i do think it will ).


How to use:

This mask is just like most masks you slap an even layer of the product on your face then grab a cup of tea and twiddle your thumbs for 10-20 minutes (or do work like I do). After the time is up you wash your face (use a dark face towel I used white and it stained). Then moisturize and voila I am Charlize Theron… well no not quite (I wish) but this mask really does what it claims to do. Over the past few weeks I have used it twice a week and I must say I am noticing my pores appear smaller. I am getting less make up melt down breakouts and over all my skin is much softer and more even.


This is a messy mask but it is definitely worth it and in my opinion this worked way better than the glam glow crazy over priced mask ( for me ). I really love the tight feeling you get while it’s on I don’t know why but it makes me feel like its working somehow. My skin is definitely in love with this mask and I can see why it is all over social media!


The Beauty Edition | Mary Kay Review| Skincare Review | Clear proof mask |beauty


Skin care in my opinion is one of the most important things you can do beauty wise. If you are a makeup wearing machine like I am you know this can lead to problems and major breakouts. Doing regular masks twice a week is a great boost for your skin because sometimes daily skincare just doesn’t cut it.



Product info:

Mary Kay’s deep cleansing charcoal ClearProof mask.

  • Price: $26
  • You get 4oz of product
  • Use 10-20 minuets 2-3 time a week
  • for more info or to purchase click here


The Beauty Edition | Mary Kay Review| Skincare Review | Clear proof mask |beauty
when the mask is fully dry it almost turns blue !

In conclusion


I think all the praise this mask is getting is well warranted. I think it’s a great mask at a pretty reasonable price in compassion to other masks I have tried.


Origins clear improvements Charcoal mask to clear pores 3.6 fl oz. for $36 I have tried this and saw not as great results as Mary kay
Mary kay Clear proof Charcoal mask to clear pores and make the skin appear matte 4oz. for $26 Great mask for a great price
Clinique pore refining solution Charcoal mark to clean and diminish pores 3.4 oz. for $33 Did not like this mask at all Clinique is a great brand which I love but for the price this didn’t do much in my opinion
Glam glow super mud Charcoal mask to help with problem skin 1.7 oz. for $79 To be fair this mask has a lot of other beneficial ingredients that the others don’t but it’s also 3 times the price.

The above comparison is just a cost comparison. I am not necessarily stating that any of these are better or worse then others. It’s just so you get an idea of the price differences vs how much product you get.



This ClearProof mask is great to pick up and I really recommend this. When I got it I must admit I was like oh yay another charcoal mask but my skeptic ways were challenged and I am glad they were. I very quickly ( within a week ) saw pretty noticeable changes in my skins texture and pigment. I have a ton of masks but I feel like I just keep reaching for this one over and over again.


The Beauty Edition | Mary Kay Review| Skincare Review | Clear proof mask |beauty
after i moisturized my skin ! Feels cool and fresh !!

What are your favourite masks?


I hope you guys enjoyed this review and catch you all later!

Xoxo Mandi

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Disclaimer : This products was sent to me for review purposes . My opinions however are my own and do not reflect those of the companies.

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