Beauty and Fashion in the Fitness Industry

The Beauty Edition| toronto pro super show| fashion abd beauty in the fitness industry

Toronto Pro Super Show recap ! Beauty and Fashion in the fitness industry!!

Hello Beauties,


A lot of people have the misconception that girls into fitness or weight training are “masculine “ and don’t care about makeup etc . Often our misconceptions could not be further from the truth. The fitness industry is about beauty and strength , you the fact you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other.


Fitness Fashion and Beauty!!

Beauty in the fitness industry is as prominent as it is with any other group of people, The only difference is that when they compete the tans are something that looks like a total fail to most of us. The tans are extremely dark but in all fairness you know how much slimmer you feel when you are tanned well they just go with the old “ go hard or go home “ motto.

The Beauty Edition| Toronto pro super show| fashion and beauty in the fitness industry
it was very busy

I recently attended the Toronto Pro Super show at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre which is a bodybuilding show/competition and I have to say I surprisingly had such a fun day. When I first started with the idea of doing beauty in the fitness industry I intended to focus on makeup etc but when I got there it became about something else entirely ….. It’s all about the fashion .

The fashion stole the show !!!


I go to the gym ( well i’m getting back into it lets be real) but when i go to the gym its usually with my black lulu lemons and some oversized t-shirt. Being at that show however i suddenly felt like i was severely missing out.

The outfits  are all about colour and embracing your individuality and I was instantly sucked in . Though many of the competitors rocked that most amazing variations of sparkly glitter nails it was not that what caught my eye but the bright muscle shirts and yoga/ legging style pants they were sporting after the events .

There was a great brand named Live Fit which had a massive line with Heidi Somers ( their spokes model and fitness youtuber) but nothing compared to those who wanted to see Rich Piana ( bodybuilding  god apparently ) though he was intimidating enough the outfit booths intimidated me more.

The Beauty Edition| Toronto pro super show| fashion and beauty in the fitness industry
Rich Piana

BestyFit Was also another great company that had some really cool leggings and other athletic wear. The girls at the booth were supper sweet and very helpful and stunningly beautiful.

It was time to break out of my comfort zone. 

Out of all the clothing booths I visited this all Canadian brand really stole the show as far as I am concerned. Maximum Athletics INC was a great booth near the entrance.

I had some time to speak to the owner and the staff who all seemed so invested and passionate about their products and what they do. Armed with knowledge about fabrics and dye patterns as well as quality and the fact they strive to have their products made in Canada in ethical ways ( not in sweat shops ) but with quality as their main concern.

The Beauty Edition| Toronto pro super show| fashion and beauty in the fitness industry
that camo tho !

We have all bought expensive yoga pants that after a few washes begin to fade and pill as well but the quality of Maximum line was like nothing I have ever seen. They have the most beautiful lines that are sure to please even the most eccentric of us. They kindly allowed me to take some great pictures of their new line for you guys and if you are in the market for some new gym gear I highly recommend you try these guys out !

The Beauty Edition| Toronto pro super show| fashion and beauty in the fitness industry
Maximum Athletics Inc

Brand info

  • Canadian Brand

  • Tops price range$39-$60

  • Bottoms price range $49.99 (shorts) – $79.99 (pants)

  • Website info New styles coming soon on the website click here

  • Material info High quality materials used and the are properly dyed all the way through so the prints wont fade like normal prints do .

  • Where you can buy them you can buy them at Maximum Nutrition Centres

    The Beauty Edition| Toronto pro super show| fashion and beauty in the fitness industry
    This combo was my fav! also available in a blue and pink (the pants )

Over all I have to say this was a definite lesson about how god laughs at those who make plans because what this started out as and what I found really surprised me in the best way possible. I found i can express my fashion sense even while I work on that bikini bod ( which will take a while ).

I feel that how you feel when you do anything is so important because if your don’t feel confident you will not enjoy the experience but when your feel great you tend to enjoy it more. So these guys definitely gave me more inspiration then I expected and in a show of thousands of people they really stood out in my opinion. The people at the show as a whole look way more intimidating then they really are.

Good Vibes !

The Beauty Edition| Toronto pro super show| fashion and beauty in the fitness industry
Loved these vests !

What I found surprising is everyone there was full of good vibes and positivity. I really had way more fun then i thought i would, So go outside your comfort zone because you never know what you are missing ! There also was a ton of companies coming out with new vegan and gluten free protein shakes and a variety of other products which was super exciting !

I hope you all had a great week and enjoy the weekend !

Who are your fav gym clothing companies ? Let’s get fashionably fit !!

Xoxo Mandi

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Disclaimer : I am not sponsored by the brand nor did I receive any product or get paid for this review . All opinions are my own and do not reflect those of the companies mentioned .

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