The Last Leather Bag I Will Ever Buy !! Kate Spade

The Beauty Edition| Kate Spade| The Last Leather Bag i will ever buy |Handbag Hustle

Kate Spade Megan Bag and matching wallet in mint splash

Hello Beauties ,

As some of you may know I recently went vegan and I am slowly transitioning my life to be a better vegan and person in general ( getting my wooosaaahh on ). Just before I went vegan I bought a bag  from Kate Spade that I had my eye on for quite sometime and it’s the perfect spring / summer handbag .

Megan Bag in mint splash was on sale for $230.00 at the time

The Beauty Edition | Mary Kay Canada | Event 2017 |beauty , makeup , skincare !
Me with the bag at a Mary Kay event!

This handbag is a dream ( i got the matching wallet to) and I am soo in love with it. Little did I know this Kate Spade vision in mint green would be that last leather bag I will ever buy !! I know its so difficult as a fashion lover to think of not being able to ever purchase my favourite brands and designers ever again!

The fact of the matter is as much as i love this bag I don’t think fashion should be at the expense of innocent lives. I wish more designers would get on board and realize that there are so many materials that are not harmful to animals or the world that look and feel just as luxurious.

The Beauty Edition| Kate Spade| The Last Leather Bag i will ever buy |Handbag Hustle
With matching wallet that has the cutest flower detailing

Can we make a change?

So I just thought I would share the beauty that is the last leather bag I will ever buy! If any of you are vegan and you know some great designers for handbags please let me know in the comments !!!

Best Vegan bag designers?

The bag  and wallet are from Kate Spade and is arguably my favourite bag I have ever purchased. I won’t be throwing out my old bags but once they are worn out I will not be repurchasing anything leather ! As a fashion addict I know too well how hard this is. Hopefully we can put enough pressure on these brands that they will make us beautiful alternatives that we can feel good about without harm or cruelty!

The Beauty Edition| Kate Spade| The Last Leather Bag i will ever buy |Handbag Hustle

I hope you all enjoyed this post and i know sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same. You vote with your dollar and the only way we can get the world to change is if we ” be the change you wish to see from the world” . This is way easier said then done because it is everywhere. I believe in doing whats right no matter how hard it is. Now that i am aware of this injustice i refuse to support the industry until they make a change . We have amazing technology and the need for fur and leather is a thing of the past. Will you take the say no to fur and leather pledge?

Let me know your favourites and if you are also taking a stand?

Xoxo Mandi

Disclaimer: i purchased this with my own money and i am in no way associated with Kate Spade nor do my opinions reflect those of the company !!

For information on cruelty free or vegan cosmetics Click here.

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