Do you Know Your Personality Type?

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Have you ever wanted to hear those four little letters and I don’t mean love!


Hey Beauties,

Do you know your personality type? The Myers-Briggs Personality test is a great way to get to know yourself a little better. You take a questionnaire ( takes 10-15 minutes) and based on your answers the test will generate a 4 letter result with a 5th letter addition being either T or A.

These 4 letters will match to a type and the type you get will explain many parts of your personality.

Sounds like a lie?

I thought this was too good to be true when I first took the test a few years ago but I recently took the test again and I got the exact same result.

How does it work?

The first of the four letters will be an I or an E and those letters relate to whether your personality traits are an introvert or an extrovert. If you take the test at 16 Personalities it will also show you how much of an introvert or extrovert you are. I tested as 99% extrovert which means I get stimulation in groups and I am generally speaking a Social person. An introvert would be described as shy and someone who prefers their own company to the company of others.

The Second Letter Relates to your energy so you will have an S or an N. The S Would be a person who is Observant meaning a highly practical and pragmatic person. The N Would be a very imaginative/open-minded person.

The Beauty Edition| Do you now your personality| Myers-briggs | lifestyle| selfcare\ motivation

Thinking or feeling?

The third letter relates to your nature and you will Receive a T or F. Getting a T would indicate someone was more thinking over feeling, more rational over emotional. Getting an E would be the opposite so someone who lets their emotions guide them. An E person would be emotionally expressive and empathetic.

The Fourth letter indicates your tactics you can receive a J or a P in this section. A J indicates a judging person, a highly Organized person who prefers clarity and structure. A P would indicate that a person would be prospecting and be flexible and easily able to improvise.

Some tests end here but the 16 personalities test takes it 1 step further to make it more clear and for this 5th section. You will receive –A or –T, a –A person is assertive, even-tempered and resistant to stress. A  –T person is Turbulent, self-conscious and sensitive to stress.

Personality…What does it all mean?

When you get your results on the free portion of the website it will give you a brief summary of your personality type and how that shapes how you react to a situation.Reading the information for me personally, it was so accurate it was scary. This test shows me even the parts of me that I try to hide and gave me great insight as to why I do things the way I do. I got an ENTJ-A which they call the commander type. When you finish the test it will give you a type from one of four personality types, Analysts, Diplomats, Sentinels and Explorers and then within those four is 4 types (such as mine ENTJ-A the commander) it will also show you the percentile of all the traits you possess.

The Beauty Edition| Do you now your personality| Myers-briggs | lifestyle| selfcare\ motivation

You can Purchase a full 150+ page write up of your personality at the end for $32.99USD but they do have a lot of free features. I think knowing this it allows me to come to terms with who I really am. So you should take the free test because why not it’s free and hey you might learn a little something about yourself you didn’t already know. I found myself saying “ oh so that’s why I do things the hard way “ etc.

I hope you all get to know yourself a little bit better and I promise this is just something I found interesting and is in no way sponsored Nor am I affiliated with this company.Click Here to take the test! Also, Let me know your results, I can’t wait to see who you are too.

Have a great week,

Xoxo Mandi

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