Halloween Nails with Whats Up Nails + Giveaway!!!

the beauty edition | Halloween Nails| What's up nail vinyls|Nail Art

Need Halloween Nail Inspiration?

Hey Beauties,

Halloween is just around the corner and getting the costume ready is fun but also who has the time? Between DIY costumes( if you are like me) and finding your makeup inspirations you may have forgotten about getting some fancy talons to complete the look.


I truly believe the little details make the biggest impact in completing your look. If you have any skull/witch/zombie themed costumes or any night themed costume this next product may before you.

the beauty edition | Halloween Nails| What's up nail vinyls|Nail Art
Cute vinyls

What’s up nails recently contacted me about their super fun nail vinyl. They have a cross and headstone graveyard set of nail vinyl’s perfect for Halloween. I tied these myself and they are really easy to use.

How they work ; Halloween Nails

Step 1

Paint your nails with a base colour (i suggest black or red but the choices are endless). The base colour will be what you see once you remove the vinyls.

Step 2

After allowing your nails to fully dry add the nail vinyl’s to the desired spot on your nail and remove the backing.

Step 3

Paint your nails a different colour of your choosing and allow it to dry. Remove the stencils to reveal your cool nail design.

Step 4

Apply top coat and you are all set with your Halloween Nails.

the beauty edition | Halloween Nails| What's up nail vinyls|Nail Art
From their website ( they are a lot more talented at nails then i am)

What’s up Nails also offered the first 10 of my readers to use the code below get free nail vinyls!Also, I used them in a different way so if you want the Halloween french effect like I did then remove then just print the middle of the vinyls and not the whole nail.

Click here to head over to what’s up nails and make sure to use this code to get your free nail vinyl’s (ABZ64MQ3VVB). I am not getting anything from them for this I just wanted you guys to get some cool nail vinyls. Have a great Halloween and make sure to tag me in your photos so i can see your creations!!

Until next time,

Xoxo Mandi

Disclaimer, the nail vinyl’s were provided for review and I  am in no way affiliated with What’s up nails. All opinions are my own and do now always reflect those of the company mentioned. This is not an affiliate link in the sense I am not getting paid by them just sharing some cool nail ideas.




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