Castile soap .. New Holy Grail?

The Beauty Edition| Castile Soap | Vegan/ Cruelty-Free| The Green Beaver

Who knew one bottle could change how I do everything!!

Hello, Beauties,

As you know I have been on my vegan journey. This means also transitioning all the products I use to be cruelty-free and vegan. Now I bet you are thinking about makeup and maybe haircare but it goes way beyond that. I have found that you have to change a lot of your cleaning products and hand soaps and laundry products as well. This may sound like a lot and at first, I was overwhelmed too. After a lot of trial and error, I stumbled upon Castile Soap. I didn’t know one product could replace them all and then some.

What is it?

Castile Soap essentially a blend of oils, generally a mix of olive oils. The name Castile come from where it was originally best produced in Spain. This came shortly after the invention of Aleppo which was historically the best cleaning product used for centuries by the Syrian people. The soap Aleppo Spread through the Middle East, Persia. This is where the Europeans learned of its abilities. After that, they brought it back to Europe, learned how to make it from oils produced in Europe and boom castile soap was born.

The Beauty Edition| Castile Soap | Vegan/ Cruelty-Free| The Green Beaver

Back in the day, castile soap was a major breakthrough for European sanitization.  Coconut oil is also found in most Castile soaps as well as newer versions using sunflower oil instead of olive oil. Both Oils contain Vitamin E that is great for your skin. There is a range of different formulas depending on the brand you use and you can get it in bar form or liquid.

This wonder product is a must-have for me. Plus it is so much easier to store 1 product as opposed to 10 etc Castile Soap is also 100% plant-based.Also, This is perfect for traveling because I can pack 1 product.

Castile Soap Uses and a few recipes:

The Beauty Edition| Castile Soap | Vegan/ Cruelty-Free| The Green Beaver

Home Made Laundry Soap

This works amazingly on clothes and for me, it’s the best for my face clothes. If you combine 1 cup of castile soap with ¾ of a cup of baking soda and around ¼ cup of salt (sea salt works best). Add 2 cups of warm water mix it together until the salt and baking soda is dissolved.

Put the mix in a gallon container (I used a previous bottle I had another laundry detergent, make sure to wash the container first). After that fill the gallon container up to the top and voila great laundry detergent! The best part is I find my clothes last longer as there are no harsh chemicals.


Facial cleanser and body wash:

Grab an old foaming face wash bottle wash it out and add ¼ cup Is liquid castile soap. Fill to the top with boiled or distilled water.


Tip: you can either buy a version with an essential oil included or add your own essential oils, Frankincense is great for everything and really is a wonderful essential oil, or tea tree is great if you have acne a few drops of the oil you choose should do the trick.

Floor cleaner:

I have a 2-gallon mop bucket and I add about 1/4 cup of castile soap and if the floors are really dirty you can always do a rinse with white vinegar.

General house cleaner

In a spray bottle fill it up roughly ¼ of the way up with white vinegar, fill it up with hot water and a tablespoon full of liquid castile soap and clean away.

For a tub cleaner, however, I use 1/3 of a cup of baking soda with a tablespoon of castile soap and it makes a great scrubbing cleaner.

Glass cleaner:

is in a spray bottle as well but this time uses a half a cup of white vinegar, a tablespoon of castile soap and fill the bottle up to the top with water. You can also add your favorite essential oils to give your house a nice scent while cleaning.

The Beauty Edition| Castile Soap | Vegan/ Cruelty-Free| The Green Beaver

Other uses I have come to love!

Recently, I have found out also the liquid version works great for makeup brushes. Also, the solid works great on beauty sponges (beauty blender). I have always had issues with brush cleaners because they are often too harsh. Some brush cleansers tend to ruin your brushes over time. With sensitive skin, they can make me break out or have a rash. I don’t know why and I have tried a bunch of them. Since I switched to castile soap my brushes look great and I have had zero skin irritation ( even with the scented/essential oil blends). Beauty blenders also have never looked so clean with minimal effort.

For Makeup Brushes:

I get my cleaning matt out and I wet a few brushes and add 2 drops or so to the matt and then do the normal cleaning procedure. (I have a video on this coming soon) about every 7 brushes or so you will need to repeat the process, you will notice when the soap is gone. This has also cut down on the time it takes me to clean brushes by a lot because they get clean super fast. If you don’t have heavy makeup on your brush you can dilute it in a bowl with a little bit of hot water but I use it pure.

The Beauty Edition| Castile Soap | Vegan/ Cruelty-Free| The Green Beaver

For Beauty Blenders :

You can use the liquid to in this area but personally, I prefer the bar soap versions for this task. Wet the sponge, roll it around, rinse & repeat!

Other great uses include:

cleaning pets, teeth (I haven’t tried this though) shaving ( 2 drops each leg and your set and smooth), beard wash (my hubby steals some )etc.

The Green Beaver Company:

Castile Soap is often sold in the concentrated versions so a little does go a long way. My favourite brand is The Green Beaver Company. Their products are always very clean ingredients as well as organic and they are Eco-Certified.

I also really love that by buying this one product I can cut out so many others thus creating a lot less waste. These are all super gentle and they have a wide range of scents. I personally love the unscented for my makeup brushes. Also, they have an orange smelling one that makes my home smell amazing and the frosted mint is my fav for body wash, shaving etc. Other scents include Lavender and cilantro mint.

The Beauty Edition| Castile Soap | Vegan/ Cruelty-Free| The Green Beaver

The recipes I have shown are just the tip of the iceberg. People have found so many amazing ways to use this. I am also currently testing it as a makeup remover. I have added rose water, castile soap unscented (its easier on the eyes), distilled water and coconut oil. So far so good but I will test it more in the next few weeks and give you my final verdict then. Thank you for being here and have a great week!!

Hope you are all well,

Xoxo Mandi

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Disclaimer: some of the products mentioned have been provided for review purposes. All Opinions are my own and do not always reflect the opinions of the companies mentioned.


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