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Hey Beauties ,

First of all i want to thank you for visiting my blog and following me on my journey .

I always find these pages so hard to write because i’m me, just little old me and it is kind of hard to describe yourself right (eek! ). I have loved makeup all my life since i was a kid and stealing my aunts makeup ( she had the best colours ) . As a child i was a model and i guess this is where i was first exposed to makeup and have been in love with all things beauty ever since.  As no surprise to anyone else i am now a makeup artist student (but i have been doing this forever). That’s what i love about the beauty industry, it is always changing and always evolving which means everything changes and call me crazy but i like change. There are no rules in makeup (except hygiene ), Creativity and your imagination are all you need.

Creativity to me is letting your soul guide you and leaving the logical behind and just embracing what makes you feel good. I really love collaborating and working with a variety of people from all walks of life. A quote by Kevyn Aucoin is always in my head and its ” No amount of makeup can mask an ugly heart”. This really speaks to me because i didn’t get into makeup to make people beautiful, I got into makeup to show people they were beautiful all along.

In this blog you will find everything from makeup reviews to beauty education and everything in between. I am so excited to share this journey with all of you. I would love to hear your stories too , i want this blog to be a safe place where everyone feels accepted.

The Personal stuff:

I am from Toronto Canada and i have lived here and in England as my family is all British (yes we drink A LOT of tea) so i get a lot of style inspiration from both. I love that i can call myself both Canadian and British because these are two countries i couldn’t be more proud to call home. I recently went vegan ( the blog will now be shifting to only cruelty free companies)after a long health struggle i was diagnosed as celiac and from that i also went vegan.

I have worked in the fashion / business industries for a while but as much as i love all things fashion, I love beauty even more. This blog is my life and my world so i hope you enjoy !! Welcome to The Beauty Edition.


Don’t forget to dream big because ” if you have a dream you have everything” I truly believe you should follow your dreams and turn them into realities. 

The Beauty Edition | about us



Please note that all opinions are my own and don’t reflect those of the companies mentioned

Xoxo Mandi


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